About Us

About Us:

The Story of our Mediterranean Cafe


majidThere is a saying that those who go to Morocco bring Morocco back with them. For Evo Café founder, Majid, there should be a second saying – those who are from Morocco bring Morocco with them wherever they go.

Majid was born in Casablanca, the commercial hub of Morocco. Growing up surrounded by amazing Mediterranean cafes and cuisine, it was a harsh adjustment for Majid when he studied medicine in Ukraine and had to go without his mother’s traditional Moroccan cooking. Even while enjoying a successful career in New York as a family doctor, Majid felt something was missing— New York’s Moroccan coffeehouses and cafes failed to reproduce the warmth, intimacy, and amazing culinary experience of the cafes and coffeehouses of his homeland.

In attempt to escape the harsh cold of the Northeast winter, Majid visited Santa Monica and was blown away by how closely the climate resembled his hometown of Casablanca. Instead of being snowy and windy, Santa Monica was sunny and warm. Instead of being driven by a perpetual rush of life, people in Santa Monica were relaxed, open, and friendly to talk to. However, despite the countless types of cuisine Majid found in Santa Monica and Los Angeles during his stay, he could still not find the one thing he missed most: an authentic Mediterranean café providing excellent coffee, unbelievable food, delicious smoothies, and a warm, inviting environment.

And so, after much deliberation, Majid left behind his career as a family doctor and moved to Santa Monica to bring Morocco’s greatest cultural heirloom, the authentic café and coffeehouse, to West LA for its inhabitants and visitors to enjoy. Majid’s goal in designing Evo Café was not only to provide a space for customers to enjoy the rich Mediterranean flavors encompassed in the food and drinks, but also to inspire customers to become passionate about Mediterranean cuisine.