Mediterranean Cafe

Our Mediterranean Cafe

We designed all of the food and drinks at our Mediterranean cafe with the belief that everything served should be healthy, clean, and great-tasting.

Living in an agricultural paradise as we do, there is no excuse for including unnatural preservatives, artificial colors, or synthetic flavors in food. Staying true to our Moroccan roots, each item on our extensive menu is designed from scratch, lovingly prepared by hand, and never prepackaged. From the Mediterranean spices in our sandwiches and the superfoods Pitaya and acai we use in our fruit bowls to even the premium Italian Manuel espresso beans we grind by hand, every single ingredient we use at is not only extremely tasty but also extremely fresh.

However, this is not simply empty talk: you can literally taste the difference in our Mediterranean items. Although we pride ourselves on having healthy, fresh ingredients, it is also a priority of ours that you do not pay a premium for this service—we believe everyone has the right to eat healthy, and enjoy access to highly-nutritious foods, without having to spend a fortune.

The Evo Approach To Flavor

Unlike other types of restaurants in which certain flavors dominate the culinary palette, at our Mediterranean cafe we believe in balance and subtlety. Sure, you will encounter spices and flavors that are rarely tasted in Los Angeles cuisine. However, this is always done in an artful way which allows for flavors to complement each other and round out each culinary dish in an unexpected way.

For example, unlike other vendors that sell excessively-sweet smoothies, our smoothies are created with a holistic approach in mind. Instead of containing only sugary ingredients and ice, instead ours are different. Modeled after a world-famous smoothie stand in Marrakech, we strategically use milk, yogurt, fruit, honey, dates and spices to offer you a deliciously-combined smoothie unlike anything you’ve tasted before.

Whether you’re in the mood for super-healthy pitaya bowls or intricately-flavored sandwiches always served with tabouli, our Mediterranean cafe has the perfect dish and drink for you.