Mediterranean Catering

Mediterranean Catering

We all know what it’s like to show up to an all-day office meeting. Not only do you have to sit there and hear about optimizing sales strategies for the next quarter or endure hour upon hour of team-building activities, but even worse you have to endure the boring food that is served. There’s only so much excitement that can come from fast-food sandwiches and bad coffee. To think you missed out on a nutritious, delicious lunch for this!

Another scenario: you are going to a friend’s house party. Although the company is acceptable and the music is actually quite good, the provided food is horrible. Vegetable platters? Cheese and crackers? No wonder the guests aren’t happy. Who on Earth is responsible for catering this mess!

Do Something Unique

For your next office meeting, get-together, or party, don’t make the same culinary mistakes as the hosts above. Instead of choosing orthodox catering options that surprise no one and produce little pleasure in your fellow colleagues or guest, instead choose something that everyone will love and will remember for a long time. Choose fresh Mediterranean catering—choose Evo Café!

Providing incredibly fresh and delicious meal options such as authentic Mediterranean sandwiches, super refreshing Moroccan salads and slow-roasted, premium Italian coffee, our Mediterranean catering will take your event to the next level. Not only will it make your next gathering exciting and memorable, but it will also make your guests or colleagues look forward to the next event too! Given that our incredibly tasty food will create more interest in your party or meeting, there is no greater gift you can give to those who will attend than by going with Evo Café catering for your next event.

To find out more information about our Mediterranean catering services for your next event, please contact us at (310) 481-2224.