Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean Cuisine, the Evo Way

The Mediterranean cuisine we serve is remarkably similar and complementary to the contemporary Californian diet. For this reason, all the food and drinks we serve will fit in perfectly with the California lifestyle.

For one, both traditional Mediterranean cusine and contemporary Los Angeles cuisine are based on eating healthy, fresh foods. At Evo Cafe, every food item on our menu comes from only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. This way, the Mediterranean food you eat not only tastes amazing, but also is great for you.

Second, both the Mediterranean and contemporary Los Angeles cuisine contain delicious, vegetable-based meals. Just as salads are extremely popular among Los Angeles restaurant-goers, in Mediterranean cuisine it is the norm to enjoy many different salads with every meal.

From cucumber-and-tomato salad to fresh carrot or beet salad and even cooked tomato salad, salads are an integral part of Mediterranean cuisine and are served alongside (or in the case of sandwiches, even in) every meal.

At Evo Cafe, we offer a large number of freshly-made salads that come with each meal, or you can even try a salad sampler instead and try the many different flavored salads we offer. All salads can be made to order, or picked up in to-go boxes.

Third, Californian and Mediterranean cuisine are similar in their neglect of oil for cooking.  In attempt to stay true to our Mediterranean cuisine roots, at Evo Cafe, we use absolutely no oils for cooking, ever. Instead, we favor boiling our vegetables and meat to maintain optimum freshness and flavor, or even oven-cooking instead. Because of this, you get a fresh, healthy, and tasty meal every time. For this reason, our style of Mediterranean cuisine is perfect for everyone.